Accessible Healthcare

Our most recent initiative was the construction of a small four-room clinic in Bouly. The clinic was funded by donations and built by the people of Bouly from rock and sand hauled from the nearby river. The clinic now has electricity, a gift from volunteers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory who traveled to Bouly to wire the facility.

In June 2016 we employed our first full-time nurse, Wilmot Jean Baptiste, a native of Bouly who returned to his village to provide primary care three days a week at the new clinic. His work is supplemented by a Haitian doctor who makes the journey to Bouly twice a month and by medical teams from Knoxville that travel to Bouly two to three times each year. One team in December 2016 treated more than 400 patients. A second team traveled to Bouly in April 2017 with medicines purchased at wholesale cost to supply the clinic for three to four months. All donations received for medical care go directly to operate the Bouly clinic. As a result of the generosity of our friends and supporters, some 30,000 people in Haiti's Central Plateau have access to regular healthcare for the first time.

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