Our program is dedicated to helping the people of the poorest region in Haiti by sponsoring primary and secondary students in the town of Boucan Carre and by providing medical care in the village of Bouly. During our annual spring sponsorship drive, we invite you to consider sponsoring a primary or secondary student through the link below.

Who We Are


Since 1999, we have worked closely with the people of Boucan-Carre Haiti, a rural community of 5,000 located two hours north of Port-Au-Prince. Our efforts are based upon a close partnership with the Haitian parish St. Michel. We have developed this partnership through frequent visits that help us understand firsthand the needs and hopes of the Haitians.


We focus on specific projects by providing construction and operating funds for schools, healthcare clinics, and community needs such as clean water. Over the years we have taken dozens from the Knoxville area into one of the world's most challenging environments to experience God at work. Knoxville Catholic High School and University of Tennessee Knoxville students regularly participate in these mission trips, as well as Knoxville area medical professionals.


We are volunteer lead in partnership with Sacred Heart Cathedral in Knoxville Tennessee, St. Kateri Tekakwitha in Tabb Virginia, and St. Anselm in St. Louis Missouri. Recieving support from many Knoxville area church communities and businesses; funding goes to tuition, medicine, and hiring Haitian medical professionals and translators. By design we are a frugal organization: no advertising budget, minimal fundraiser expenses, and are graced with an all volunteer administration who self fundraise their trips to Haiti.

What We Do


Our donors are sponsoring more than 1,000 children at Ecole St. Michel Primary School, 250 children at College de St. Michel High School, and approximately 45 mothers at Boucan-Carre's Vocational School. Sponsoring also indirectly pays the salaries of 26 full-time and 28 part-time teachers.Read more...


Since 1999 we have enjoyed a close partnership with St. Michel's Parish in Boucan-Carre. Though small by Knoxville standards, the Boucan-Carre parish is the largest in the region, and serves as the "hub" for several remote chapels located in the surrounding mountains. Much like our own preachers in the 19th Century, the priest at St. Michel's, Father Michenet Duportal, travels among the mountain chapels to service his parishioners. The parish's sisters operate the local schools funded through sponsorship.Read more...


The thousands who live in the most remote regions of Haiti have little or no access to medical care. One in every two children die before the age of four from malaria, typhoid, cholera, and other tropical diseases. Since 2008, we have sponsored medical missions to the village of Bouly, reachable only by a five-hour trek with no road over the river and mountains. A new clinic in Bouly provides primary care to 400 patients a month.Read more...

How You Can Help

Please consider volunteering, sponsoring a child, advertising our organization, or attending our fundraiser events. You may request that your tax deductible donation support the Haiti Outreach Program or a specific initiative. All are welcome to attend our monthly committee meeting especially if you find yourself in the Knoxville area. Just drop us a note or check our latest newsletter for the next meeting time.

Medical Banquet

Proceeds from the banquet pay for all medical mission activity. This includes salaries and medicines for the Bouly Clinic while excluding travel to Haiti which is self-funded. The event is free, with donations encouraged. Those who wish to be invited, can just drop us a note.

Sponsoring a Student

The student sponsoring program seeks to partner students in Boucan-Carre with Knoxville area families. Sponsoring provides tuition, books, and uniforms. Funds also help provide daily meals for elementary school children. Sponsoring can be any amount; however the cost is roughly $150 each.

St. Kateri's 5K Run

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church in Tabb, Virginia, is a wonderful education partner that provides support for teacher salaries and food at St. Michel's schools in Boucan-Carre. Please visit their event page to become a runner or advertiser: www.stkaterirun.com