Saint Michel Primary School

Pink dress school

In a country where the illiteracy rate in some regions is more than 80 percent, the Haiti Outreach Program funds Boucan-Carre's Ecole de San Michel, serving students in preschool through sixth grade. Funded largely by Sacred Heart and St. Kateri parishioners, our sponsorship program covers the cost of tuition, food, and books. A new primary school in Boucan Carre, managed by the sisters of St. Michel, opened in 2006 with about 300 students. Today we provide salaries for about 28 teachers and a daily meal for more than 900 students. Unfortunately, for many students the meal of beans and rice may be their only meal of the day. Four additional classrooms, funded by St. Anselm parish, were opened in 2017 to relieve overcrowding.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please choose from the following options:

Primary Student (preschool through 7th grade) $150 to $225.

Secondary Student (8th grade through Philo) and vocational students: $250 to $325.

Base cost covers tuition for students and daily meals for the primary students as well as salaries for 60 teachers and staff. Additional donations go toward student uniforms, national test fees for 9th and 12th graders, and basic teaching supplies.

To sponsor online please continue to our donation portal and select "Student Sponsorship".

Saint Michel Secondary School

High school students

When we first went to Boucan-Carre in 1999, the roof of the town’s small secondary school had been destroyed by a hurricane, forcing teachers to hold class outdoors under a tarp. In 2005 a new high school, the College of St. Michel, opened with outdoor make-shift classrooms. Grades were added as students reached the next level. In 2010 a Knoxville company, Xinergy Corp., provided funds to build a new secondary school. The new facility opened in the fall of 2012, making secondary education available to many students who previously could not attend due to tuition costs, family responsibilities, or simply the long distance to the nearest school. Today the school has an enrollment of about 250 students in grades 7 through 12 as well as an additional year, called "Philo," for students who intend to pursue a college degree. Many graduates have stayed to work in the community as teachers, nurses and city officials.

Both Sacred Heart and St. Kateri have a student sponsorship program--similar to the primary school--to fund secondary students. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please continue to "Student Sponsorship" through the Donation link on our home page.

Saint Michel Vocational School

Vocational sewing

Boucan-Carre’s vocational school opened in 2004 when the parish nuns who manage the primary school began offering cooking instruction for young adult women. The program was housed in the original primary school facility, a structure that over the years deteriorated to the point it was unsafe. A new facility, funded by St. Anselm parish, opened in 2018 adjacent to the primary school. Today the school enrolls approximately 40 students. A portion of our support provides equipment such as stoves or sewing machines. Many of the graduates have found jobs that help provide critically needed financial support for their families.